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Gallery Hire Information

Hire fee (GST incl): $ 30.00

Bond (GST incl): $250.00 (Bond is to be paid 14 days before the function)

The following are rules of use for hiring the gallery:


  • The Gallery must only be used for the purpose stated on the Gallery Hire Agreement Form.

  • The Hirer must not sub-let the Gallery and Gallery staff must have access at all times.

  • The Hirer is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all persons attending their function. This includes both inside and outside of the Gallery.

  • All persons entering the Gallery property do so at their own risk.

  • The Hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves with the emergency exit door before commencing any activities.

  • Emergency exits must remain clear at all times.

  • The Hirer must only use the Gallery within the times of your booking, or additional costs will apply.  If extra time is required for preparation purposes you must notify Gallery staff well beforehand.

  • Special conditions may be imposed for some types of events including, but not limited, to additional security requirements, traffic control plans, safe work method statements and/or event safety plans.

  • Please inform the Gallery of any entry fees or fundraising tickets being sold for the function.

  • No fire, including fire performances and ceremonies, with the exception of birthday candles, are permitted within the Gallery or surrounding grounds at any time.

  • Barbeques, spits, pizza ovens and cooking appliances and/or naked flame appliances are not permitted inside the Gallery or within the surrounding grounds under any circumstances.

  • No smoke machines or any other equipment that may cause the smoke alarm to activate are to be used in the Gallery.  If the Crookwell Fire Brigade is called there is a call-out fee which will be payable by the Hirer.

  • No graffiti art or spray painting is to be conducted within the Gallery or surrounding grounds.

  • For private functions in the Gallery where liquor is served free, the Gallery requires a person with Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate to be present.

  • Animals are not permitted in the Gallery with the exception of registered assistance animals.

  • To avoid permanent damage to the Gallery we ask that decorations are limited to the tables and not attached to walls, ceilings or windows.  If you do have wall decorations they must not be fixed to the wall with anything that will mark, scratch or damage the surface in any way.

  • Hirers are advised that they should obtain insurance for their own equipment and goods as the Gallery will not compensate the Hirer for any losses of any goods or equipment.  Although every care is exercised the Gallery shall in no way be responsible for any damage, loss or theft of any goods or equipment.

  • The Gallery has a vacuum cleaner and dust pan and brush available.  The floor needs to be swept and vacuumed and spills mopped up.  (The Hirer is to bring garbage bags as all rubbish must be taken away.)

  • The level of noise must not inconvenience the surrounding residents.

  • When the Hirer leaves the Gallery ensure that the lights and heaters are all turned off and lock the door.

Click image to download the Gallery Hire Application Form

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