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Margaret Shepherd

Margaret has lived and worked in rural NSW for the last 50 years.

It is the landscape and the people of the land that are the inspiration for her work.

She also has an interest in history and has done a series of 12 paintings called

'Changes on the Landscape' for the year 2000. With history as the focus, this series depicts the wars that Australians have fought in & was made to celebrate ANZAC Day.

She has also created a body of work about shearing and its culture.

Margaret tries to capture the vastness, the roads that disappear onto the horizon and the colour and texture that one almost drowns in.

To quote The Australian Arts Jeffery Smart "The reason I paint is simply because I love painting."

Catherine Ward

Catherine Ward works with colour, utilising encaustic, cold wax & her own photographs to portray her inner dialogue. Her art is truly unique & her use of colour is brilliant.

Her art is made up of multiple layers of thoughts, asemic writings & personal history.

She is Influenced by her surrounding natural environment, particularly Autumn & Winter. ( Memorial Hall photo by Catherine Ward)

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